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How it works

You beat someone above you, you move above them. Simple as that. No other factors are taken into account. None.


  • It’s a terrible system, but it means there are no opinions involved and we don’t have to wait months for a council to agree for each change to be made. We can update them as soon as a result comes in.
  • These ranking are completely unofficial. They are unaffiliated with any person, club or governing body. They are probably completely wrong and are intended to be a rough guide only.
  • The rankings are compiled in good faith using the information we have been provided. There are bound to be mistakes. If you have beaten someone above you for example or you know that a fighter has retired or in the wrong weight division etc….. Let us know! Contact rankingseireann@gmail.com, or message us on Facebook.
  • These rankings are literal a record of who has beaten who, they are not assigned by Muay Eireann and there are no opinions involved. The decisions were made by the Judges on the night of each fight and are unrelated to Muay Eireann staff.
  • Only professional Muay Thai fights are counted. Amateur Thai fights, K1, Kickboxing, boxing etc fights don’t count, regardless of whether the opponent was ranked or not.
  • All work done is completely voluntary, we all have jobs in the real world. We will do our best to make the updates as soon as we can, please be patient.

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