RESULTS – The Takeover 8 – 26 November 2016

Cian Cowley’s latest instalment of the growing promotion really delivered on Saturday: great fights showing great emerging talent.
Below, you’ll find all the Thai results from the amateur to the pro fights. But before you get to that we’d like to mention a couple of names that impressed us while we were ringside.

takeover8On the amateur side, we liked Liam Burden (Dublin Thai). We had seen him fight back in July and his name was added to the ‘keep a close eye on’ pile. Liam seems to be a hard worker and it will be nice to see him busy next year.
On the Pro front, we are pleased that John Mooney was able to keep his belt in front of his fans. O’Connell is a very serious opponent but made too many mistakes to keep up with the fighter from Warriors who had the biggest following of all the fighters on the night.
Then the Langka boys. Garrett Smylie gave us a brilliant fight against Gavin Kavanagh (Forge). Great sense of timing and good composure. Balanced with quick kicks, really nice to watch. So much so that it was hard not to vocally support him.
Fighter of the night goes to: Niall McGreevy. I saw McGreevy fight for the first time earlier this year and it has been a pleasure to see him getting increasingly better until he got his first C class fight. He was good. So good in fact that Langka coach Jamie Crawford trusted him enough to put him in front of Darren ‘Treekicker’ McFall in an A class contest. McFall always has a vocal fanbase supporting him and this time was no different. However, if McGreevy felt nervous, he didn’t show it. Calm and collected after a short settling in phase, his timing was on point as he picked up McFall each time the Warriors man was coming in his range, making great use of these long legs. McFall was still attacking aggressively and showed heart until the very end but was too far behind on points and the win was awarded to McGreevy who controlled the fight. The Langka fighter jumps up in the rankings and makes a splash in the 5th position, right behind Luke Mong Roche (1-4-1). Interesting….

Again, well done to the Warriors crew led by Cian and everyone involved in the preps and organisation of the Takeover shows. Always a pleasure to attend.




Maya Kennedy (Warriors) vs Amy Forde (Jai Sua) – 65kg- WIN Kennedy PTS
Daniel Kennedy (Warriors) vs Anto McGarry (Valhalla) 85kg – WIN McGarry PTS
Tom Keogh (Warriors) vs Shane ?(Jai Sua) 58kg – WIN Shane JS.
Ger Hartigan (Warriors) vs Marius Bitza (Lionheart) 68kg – Win Hartigan . PTS
Stephen Bradley (Warriors) vs Liam Burden (Dublin Thai) – 68kg – WIN Burden. PTS
Hugh Warren (Warriors) vs Mati Bial (Fantom) – Heavyweight – WIN Bial PTS
Dylan O’Connor (Warriors) vs Michal Wolski (Fantom) 70kg – Win O’Connor. Pts.
Jacek Pyka (Warriors) vs Niall Shannon (Lionheart) – 61kg – WIN Shannon. Pts
Kevin Heron (Langka) vs Eddie Dalton (Jai Sua) 60kg – WIN Dalton. PTS.
Tom Cullen (Warriors) vs Shaun Brennan (Waterford Thai) 70kg – WIN Brennan. Pts.


John Mooney (Warriors) vs James O’Connell (Courage) 65 kg – WIN Mooney Pts.
Garrett Smylie (Langka) vs Gavin Kavanagh (Forge) 66kg – WIN Smylie. Pts
Jack Kelly (Jai Sua) vs Sanka Murphy (Lionheart) 69kg – WIN Kelly. Split decision
Darren McFall (Warriors) vs Niall McGreevy (Langka) 60Kg – WIN McGreevy. Pts
Cian Hogan (Warriors) vs Kyle Jaswell (Belfast MT) 75kg – WIN Hogan TKO Rd1

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