Siam Warriors SuperShow – RESULTS and Fights of the night

Siam Warriors Supershow…. What an amazing night to spend in Neptune Stadium, Cork. A serious mention is due to Martin Horgan for his relentless work for Irish Muay Thai and for his remarkable fight against Aaron Browne. The sight of him cornering his fighters with his own head bleeding from several cuts was something to behold. Thanks for having us there, Martin.

These are our 3 fights of the night. Many fights could have been in this Top3 for many reasons but these were the fights that marked us most (apart from the exceptional durability of Liam McGill.

Ryan Sheehan (Siam Warriors Cork) V Hiroyuki Moji (Japan).  Top performance from Rashers against an aggressive opponent who could have posed him huge problems. Bling definitely deserved. Sheehan is what his belt says: World Champion.


Elaine McElligott (Cork Thai) vs Eimear Codd (Valhalla). Yes, there might have been more spectacular and tighter fights in the night but the girls deserve this spot for several reasons. Muay Thai girls in Ireland have a very tough time due to lack of opportunities caused by lack of female fighters. Early in their pro career, they have to go abroad to get fights. This fight means a lot in that it is the meeting of 2 levels in female Muay Thai… the top level in Elaine and the new, pushing, rapidly evolving new wave with Eimear. It’s also quite exciting to see girls like Michaela Kelly and Shauna Nicole starting their career on the biggest domestic stage. What now for Eimear and Elaine though? There is a void there and the next few months will be interesting. The other reason for the nod is also an appreciation of the grit demonstrated by Elaine by coming out of her long break. It takes guts and a lot of work physically and mentally. Super job.

Aaron McGahey (Spartan) vs Keith Wall (Courage).
Well the small lads didn’t look small or awkward one bit in this stunning fight. The two of them put on a show and looked the part in a very technical bout. As it is the case with Ryan Sheehan, I have been taking pictures of Aaron McGahey since his first few amateur fights and on Saturday, I felt like I was watching a fighter that had done some growing up behind the scenes. On a personal side, watching them two made me forget to take pictures for a while and then I felt really old… Well done again Aaron and Keith. Aaron, do wear that belt with pride, you have thoroughly deserved it.




C Class fights

  1. Pierce Corkery (Cork Thai) vs Sebastian Czugaj (Fantom) 64kg. Win pts Corkery
  2. Damien O Hea (Samson) vs Ross Donohue (Chaiyo) 66kg – win pts O’Hea
  3. Mark McGahey (Spartan) V Belal Ahmad (MuayEire) 59kg. Win pts McGahey
  4. Yannick Magee (Newry Thai) vs Luke O’Kelly (Cobra) 69kg. Win Magee. TKO. Round 3
  5. Liam Purcell (Courage) V Stefan Koroki (Lionheart) 64kg. Win pts Korodi
  6. Nacim Yo  (SiamW) V Peter Conroy (Dundalk) 61kg. Win Yo. Pts.
  7. Steve O Mahony (SiamW) V Emmanuel Magic Aliphon Tommy (Chaiyo) 72kg. Win O’Mahony. Pts.
  8. Michaela Kelly (DTB) V Shauna Nicole (Cobra). 57kg. Draw

B Class fights

9. Elaine McElligott CorkThaiV Eimear Codd Valhala. 61kg. Win McElligott. Pts.
10. Liam McGill (Muay Eire) vs Dylan Vaughan (Kingdom Warriors).75kg. Win Vaughan. Pts.
13. David O Neill (Spartan) vs Cian Hurley (Siam Warriors Cork). 59kg. Win Hurley. Pts – Split decision.


11. Irish ISKA Superwelter Title 69.5kgs  – Martin Horgan (Siam Warriors, Cork) vs Aaron Browne (Lionheart). Win Browne. Pts.
12. Calvin Ross (EireMuaySiam) vs Damien Dolan. Win Pts Dolan
14. Irish ISKA Middleweight Title 72.5kg – Paddy Douglas DTB V Wayne Cambridge Siam. Win Douglas. TKO rd 3.
15. Irish ISKA Muaythai Fly Weight Title 53.5kg –  Aaron McGahey (Spartan) vs Keith Wall Courage. Win McGahey. Pts.
16. Irish ISKA Muaythai Welterweight Title 67kg – Eoin Mccarthy (Siam Warriors Cork) vs Micky O’Grady (Carrigaline). Win OGrady. TKO. Rd 2.
17. ISKA MT Intercontinental Title – 63kg- Seán Clancy (Siam Warriors Cork) vs Harakai  Otsuki (Japan). Win Otsuki. (DQ Clancy)
18. ISKA Euro + Irish / WBC International 57kg – Aaron O’Callaghan (Siam Warriors Cork) vs  James O’Connell (Courage MT) . Win pts O’Connell.
19. World Title WKA Muaythai  Ireland V Japan – 55kg – Ryan Sheehan (Siam Warriors Cork) vs Hiroyuki Moji. Win pts Sheehan.
20. T Bob (Castlegar) vs Shane Mc Connell (Waterford MT) – 67kg – Win pts for McConnell.
21. Craig Coakley (Lionheart) vs Rustam Vntu (Ukraine) – 61kg – Win pts Coakley
22. Irish ISKA Muay Thai Supermiddle Weight Title 78 kg – Wayne Grant (Fantom) vs Dylan Meagher (Courage). Win Grant. Pts.
23. Matty Ryan (Westside) vs Luke Mong Roche (141) – 59kg- Tko rd 2. Win LMRoche.



Walter Scott (Courage MT) – Daniel Suarez (WBC) – James O’Connell – Paul Hennessy (ISKA)


A word about the rankings: our rankings-man, Pat, is currently on holidays. He’ll update the rankings on his return.

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