4 female fighters on the Cork Supershow card – 22 October 2016

Niamh Griffin catches up with the 4 girls fighting on the Siam Supershow card, on October 22nd in Neptune. There is no doubt that Muay Thai in Ireland is enjoying an increasing popularity and with it, more girls too. Yet, all those girls have experienced the lack of female opponents in Ireland. Young female fighters like Michaela Kelly have had to go abroad to get matched. So you can be sure that if they are still around a few years later, and fighting on big domestic shows, that means they have the grit to stick in there and that you will see them down the line, fighting A class on international promotions. Do not doubt. Our thanks to Niamh Griffin for her work on Real Girl Sport for always supporting fighting girls, and for writing for us anytime she can.
elaineeimearoctober2016On Saturday four of Ireland’s female fighters get in the ring for the Siam Warriors Muaythai Supershow. We caught up with them all to find out how preparations are going.
Elaine McElligott and Eimear Codd are familiar faces on the Irish scene with enough experience to guarantee a cracking bout. They fight B Class 3×3 minute rounds at 61kgs
Eimear fighting out of Valhalla Gym in Waterford is bringing experience gained in two overseas bouts in France and England over the summer.
She said this week: ‘Training is going well. My last two fights were abroad, the last one in the UK was at a higher weight class so it’s good to be back down around my normal fight weight. ‘It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve fought and even longer since it’s been at home this time I have a few people coming to watch which is really nice as normally I only have my corner.’
Asked how she felt about sharing the card, Eimear said: ‘It’s a big deal to be getting on this show and it’s great to have the two female fights on such a busy card with the best in the country.’
Elaine has also had a busy year, fighting an English fighter in the Neptune show in June – and fighting out of Cork Thai she’s sure to have plenty of support. She’s said before she takes a ‘train smarter’ approach to training as she’s gotten more experienced.
She said: ‘I listen more to my body now, you know older and wiser. If I have two sessions planned, and I feel it’s not right to do both that’s OK. I’m more relaxed about it; when you’re younger you think you have to do more. Now I know what’s left in the tank.’
Rising stars Shauna Nicole, and Michaela Kelly face off in a C-class bout. Shauna (16) has been training with Cobra Thai since she was 13, describing the Cork gym as her
second family. She’s fought at home before, but also twice in Thailand so she’s looking forward to showing the home crowd what she’s been learning.
She said: ‘This will be my biggest fight so far. I feel I’m ready to go now. My nan is watching my diet, checking what I’m eating all the time, she’s great.
‘I’m so grateful to Martin, the promoter and my trainer for arranging this; there are only four girls on the whole show. All my friends, my family, everyone will be there. I can’t wait.’
Michaela (16) has a bit further to travel, coming from her base with Dublin Thaiboxing. Like Shauna she’s also fought abroad and is looking forward to the challenge of taking on the Corkwoman on her home ground. She said: ‘There are hardly any girls fighting here. I’m delighted now about the show in Cork. Shauna looks good, so I’m delighted to have a good fight over here.’
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