Deliverance – 1 October 2016 – Langka Muay Thai

It was a great evening near Belfast on Saturday evening. We know the show was slightly plagued by pullouts in the last 2 weeks but Langka headcoach Jamie Crawford maintained an excellent card at the Devenish. The venue is great for that event size and would be able to absorb slightly bigger crowds too.  It’s also super easy and quick to get to (if you’re coming from Dublin). Big sunshine on the day too… that was a great bonus.
The show ran smoothly, the atmosphere was great and it was nice to see that the local boys had a lot of support there. Also great to see familiar faces making the effort to support Muay Thai shows all over Ireland.

There were indeed some good fights. These are the names that caught our attention: for the amateur fights, the draw between Kevin Heron (Langka Belfast) and Alex Lula (Warriors) gets our mention. A lot of pace and technique for these two guys. Great fight to watch.
For the pro side, the fight of the night goes to Niall McGreevy vs Mark McGahey. These two have been busy of late and with McGreevy getting a foot in the pro circle, both of them are now part of a group of young fighters who are so blatantly promising that it’s just scary to imagine them a couple of years from now. Then it would be wrong not to mention Daryl Flood who is always a pleasure to see in the ring. He stepped in late at a higher weight and gave a tough fight to Jordan Matthews, cutting him in the process with a powerful knee to the head. Daryl showed a great clinch too….
Matthews was visibly disappointed to be stopped but I’m sure he’ll bounce back stronger. No doubt.

Well done to Jamie and all the Langka team. Thank you for having us.


deliverancemcgreevymcgaheyHere are the Thai results:


Darrach Clarke (Langka Belfast) vs Oisin Fox (Newry Muay Thai) – Am Thai 43 kg – No Contest
Eddie Dalton (Jai Sua Bray) vs Michael Montgomery (Nak Rop Belfast)  – Am Thai 59kg – Win Dalton – Pts
Seamus Smylie (Langka Belfast) vs Chris Patton (141 Muay Thai Antrim) – Am Thai 78 kg – Win Patton – 1st Round TKO stoppage – punches
Charlie Kelly (Jai Sua Bray) vs Nathan Kelly (Dublin Thai Boxing) – Am Thai 91 kg – Win Charlie Kelly – TKO 2nd Round.
Kevin Heron (Langka Belfast) vs Alex Lula (Warriors) – Am Thai 60 kg – Draw


Niall McGreevy (Langka Belfast) vs Mark McGahey (Spartans Cork) – Pro C Class Thai 59KG  – Win McGreevy – pts
Garret Smylie (Langka Belfast) vs Joe Doyle (Warriors Dublin) Pro C Class Thai 68KG – Win Garrett Smylie – pts
Alan McCormick (Origins Dublin) vs Andrew Finnegan (Hodgers Gym) Pro C Class Thai 63KG – Win McCormack – pts
Tom Nolan (Arklow Thai vs Jack Kelly (Jai Sua) Pro C Class Thai 70KG – Draw
Co-Main event – Jordan Matthews (Langka Thai) vs Daryl Flood (Warriors) – Pro B Class Thai – Win Flood -TKO Rd 3


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