Lionheart Fight Night 1- Results – 3 September 2016

Venue: Naomh Finbarra GAA Club, Cabra

Some very good fights last night at the Lionheart Fight Night despite a few pullouts due to injuries. Here are the fights and the names that captured our attention.

First for the amateur fights. A very good match with Reece Jordan (Forge) vs Michael Clarke (Langka) at 62kg.
Jordan’s low kicks start to show effect in Rd 2  and he eventually wins by TKO in the same round. Both fighters have a good style and nice timing too. I am looking forward to see these two again.

We were looking forward to seeing Sam O’Connor (Origins) against Niall Shannon (Lionheart). O’Connor is aggressive, and his come-forward style serves his strong hands well. The fight starts and O’Connor goes straight to work with his hands. Although a bit on the wild and nervy side, he sees that this is working and goes to town. Shannon takes two 8-counts. You would be forgiven to think the fight was going to end there and then. Round 2 and Round 3 are hard for Shannon but he shows great heart to stay in the fight and lands some big knees. It’s not enough though and O’Connor takes the win. Kudos to Shannon for working hard after a very though start.

I give a special mention to Lee Walton (Dublin Thai). His Lionheart opponent Ben Cuthbert was taller and rangier. From Round 1 and Walton tested the distance, moved a lot and well. He proved to be patient and selective in his shots against a tough Cuthbert. Out of range, he made Cuthbert miss some shots. When he moved in, he used strong hands and effective combos. He gave Cuthbert an 8-count and got the win. Textbook. It is nice to see some smart fighting. Great job.

Onto the pro fights now.

We were warned that Stefan Korodi (Lionheart) vs Jordan Thompson (Spartan) would be a good fight. It didn’t disappoint. It was Korodi’s first pro fight and the task was not going to be an easy one. Thompson, although not very active in the past year or so is a dangerous opponent with good experience (he is 3rd in the rankings at 63kg). From the first round, Korodi shows maturity. He is collected and scores well. Thompson starts strong too but with intensity and pace increasing with the rounds, Korodi is proving to be a handful for the Spartan fighter. He is also strong in the clinch and occasionally shows some flashy moves. Great fight. Looking forward to seeing both of them again soon. Certainly a very strong start for Korodi on the pro circle.

Brian Amos (DTB) vs Liam McGill (Eiremuaysiam) was always going to be a war. Two big guys, tough as nails. Amos starts with heavy hands and for a while has the upper hand. McGill seems to tire in round 2 but stays in. Amos looks in strong position. But McGill is one of these fighters who just doesn’t let go. It’s true, he is never a dull fight and is extremely endurant. The EiremuaySiam fighter doesn’t back down and Amos starts to fade a bit, maybe suffering from his strong efforts in the early rounds. In the last round, a resilient McGill throws a kick that hurts Amos and the fight is stopped.

Then, the place got really loud for Craig Coakley’s entrance. His French opponent gives a slightly timid wai kru. The fight doesn’t really start. Still in round 1, Craig stops Dingreville with a knee to the stomach that floors the French fighter. It’s over. It’s that easy. It will be nice to see Craig against world class opposition in the (near) future.

So to sum up:
Lee Walton for the amateur side.
Korodi for the pros
Fight of the night: I can’t decide between Korodi/Thompson and Amos/McGill for different reasons. If pushed, I’d go for Korodi/Thompson.

Thanks again to Tony Olin for having us on the night and thank you also to those following us on Twitter. @muayeireann

Here are all the results:

Amateur Fights

  1. Killian Kearns (Lionheart) vs Senan Coakley (Lionheart) 55kg – DEMO DRAW
  2. Anna Marie Leonard (Forge) vs Maria Rowe (Valhalla) 69kg – WIN Anne Marie (pts)
  3. Reece Jordan (Forge) vs Michael Clarke (Langka) 62kg – WIN Jordan (TKO Rd2 Low kicks)
  4. Yohan Joseph (Lionheart) vs Killian O’Leary (Blue Dragon) – 83kg –  WIN Joseph (pts)
  5. Niall Shannon (Lionheart) vs Sam O’Connor (Origins) 61kg – WIN O’Connor (pts)
  6. Ben Cuthberd (Lionheart) vs Lee Walton (DTB) 69kg – WIN Walton (pts)

Pro Fights

  1. Razvan Piticas (Lionheart) vs Decky O’Brien (EireMuaySiam) 72kg (C Class) – WIN O’Brien (pts)
  2. Kieran Stapleton (WMA) vs Jamie Flynn (Waterford) 66kg (C Class) – WIN  Stapleton (TKO Rd4; injury)
  3. Stefan Korodi (Lionheart) vs Jordan Thompson (Spartan) 66kg (C Class) – WIN Korodi
  4. Brian Amos (DTB) vs Liam McGill (EireMuaySiam) 75kg (B Class) – WIN McGill (TKO Rd5).
  5. Craig Coakley (Lionheart) vs Remi-Jacques Dingreville 61kg (A Class) – WIN Coakley (TKO Rd1)


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